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Daily Life in Bible Times: What Archaeology Tells Us

What would your life be like if you walked the desert with Moses or lived in a time when you could watch Solomon build his temple? Where would you live and worship, what would you eat and wear, how would you pass your days?

Those of us who love the Bible tend to wax poetic about the stories. It is easy to forget that the childs-eye view is different. Children want to picture themselves in the story and this book is full of opportunities to do just that. The book not only describes what we know about life in ancient times but how archaeologists go about making their discoveries. Daily Life in Bible Times is a book that brings the Bible to life for children ages 6-10 and gives them the opportunity to think about the people in the Bible stories as real people. The book is also a great way for educators and parents to rediscover their own childhood curiosity and join the children on their journey of discovery.